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Plastic injection moulding and design services

We specialise in plastic moulding, product design/ development and tool manufacture.

We are Injection Moulding specialists with complete capability’s in product and mould development. From concept to consumer purchase.

We will design and manufacture moulds at competitive pricing.


Our high capacity machines allow us to mould from 100 - 1800 ton.

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Welcome to Perroplas

Perroplas is a privately owned Australian company that specialises in the design and manufacture of injection moulded plastic products. For over 30 years, Perroplas has manufactured a range of products for industry and retail sale. Perroplas has also been responsible for producing industrial products such as bins, crates, boxes and more for industrial applications such as food processing and manufacture, automotive components manufacturing, fruit and vegetable collection,distribution and packaging. 
Our primary objective is to develop customer partnerships which provide solutions to your moulding needs ....we will be  "your partner in plastics".  
Perroplas also performs custom injection moulding and contract manufacture for other injection moulding companies who may require help with capacity to produce or require specialised machinery and knowledge to produce something specific.
Our knowledge and ability to work with a number of plastic resins, additives and agents allows Perroplas to help you make the right decisions for product durability, flexibility and fit for purpose.
Our products